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SEO for Hotels 

Around 75 per cent of the travellers search for hotels and make their bookings online—but 75 per cent of searchers also don’t look beyond the first page of search engine results.

Want to place your hotel on page one? You need to invest in hotel SEO.

What is Hotel SEO?

Hotel SEO is the practice of optimising your hotel website so that it ranks well in search engine results. The process of optimising a site for search engines is multifaceted and involves both on-site and off-site actions.

SEO for hotels can have a highly positive impact on your marketing budget as it's much less expensive compared to other marketing techniques. In fact, SEO can generally deliver the same number of reservations that you would get from expensive television ads, billboards, and print advertisements.

We offer both types of SEO services:

On-Site SEO for Hotels : we not only research keywords that will help potential customers find your site, but wealsobring your hotel website up to search engine standards on a technical level. We'll optimise your site speed, design, and more.

Off-Site SEO for Hotels :  We can help build your hotel website credibility and organically attract potential customers through social media, external webpages, and backlinks.

Our Team Has Worked In-House at Big OTA's

Our personnel has experience working with leading online travel agencies (OTAs). As such, we understand that leveraging hotel SEO is better than paying the exorbitant commissions to OTAs for online visibility. We also understand that when it comes to comparing hotel websites to OTA's, hotel websitesare more cost-friendly when it comes to engaging customers.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to OTAs. You can simply invest in good digital marketing. Our team can help you develop a powerful hotel digital marketing strategy that is both simple and smart. It will help you maximise return from your direct channels and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Deep Understanding of the Hotel and
Travel Sector

Your hotel website not only needs more visitors but also needs to be effective in converting those visitors into guests. With our extensive knowledge of hotel website optimisation, we can help you increase relevant traffic to your website as well as enhance your website’s conversion rate.

You can expect our hotel website optimisation to achieve the following:

  • •  Improve hotel website rankings by driving prospective guests to the most relevant pages on the website.
  • • Provide website visitors with the information they need to increase the chances of them booking your hotel.
    • Make sure that search engines technology integrates seamlessly with your hotel website for optimal results.
    • Create robust brand visibility in search results and drive more relevant traffic to your site.
    • Enhance the authority and relevance of your hotel website with truly valuable content.
    • Align your social media marketing strategy with your website optimisation to boost your visibility.
    •  Craft a strong local profile with SEO and Google My Business.

Extensive Knowledge of Optimizing Hotel

While there are numerous Local SEO tactics that hotels can use to increase visibility in local search results, optimising your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the best strategies. We can help you do that.

With an optimised GMB listing, you have a better chance of not only appearing in the Map Pack result but also of being a regular blue link listing on the SERPs.

With our Google My Business listing service, we can help you:

  • • List your hotel’s NAP (name, address, and phone number).
    • Make sure your Google Maps marker is in the right position so visitors can quickly locate your hotel.
    • Display guest reviews as well as respond to guests’ concerns and feedback.
    • Display attractive photos of your hotel and its various facilities.
    • Provide any more useful details to prospective guests looking for information such as Wi-Fi, whether you allow pets, etc.

Improve Your Hotel’s Organic Search Rankings

​There are numerous players in the hospitality industry, and when a potential guest searches for hotels in your location, they may get a vast selection of options in the search results—that's why hotel SEO is essential. It is one of the most effective ways to outrank your competitors and get the highest number of visitorsbooking your hotel.

To start improving your hotel's organic search rankings and to start seeing improvements in the number of bookings from your website, get in touch with us today. Once we have the basic information about your hotel, one of our experienced SEO experts will get back to you to have a detailed discussion about your specific needs.

Then we will embark on creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your hotel. Our hotel SEO services are competitively priced and are geared to keep you ahead of your competition. We're committed to helping you increase your revenue while minimising your marketing costs.


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